Compulsive Gambler to Successful Entrepreneur

Raymond Lim

Casino Blackjack, Jackpot Machines, Toto, 4D, Horse racing and every known gambling vices I had indulged in after I turned 18. The thrill of winning and excitement ensnared me further into the abyss. Working part-time as a bartender, drawing a salary of $1500 to $1800 were used to liquidate the debts incurred. At the legal age of 21, the obsession escalated. Armed with an array of credit cards and credit lines to feed my compulsive addiction got me into a vicious cycle of debts piling up.

Working as an Assistant Sales Engineer, earning $3000 a month in my 25th year was the peak of my calamity. Face with a deficit of $186,000 generated from 10 different credit cards, credit lines pursuing me for payments brought me into a state of turmoil. Fears of my family unveiling my predicament along with the inability to settle the debt, I was driven to the brink: My alternative …… suicide.

Fast forward to 2019, currently Raymond’s at 42. Having triumph over his life controlling issues, is a successful Entrepreneur, Coach, Trainer and Speaker. Drawing a 7-figure annual income, he possesses a cheerful disposition, loves people and acquired an unrelenting passion for his businesses.



Raymond Lim

Founder of RLC

Successful entrepreneur and investor who boasts directorship and mentorship in several local businesses.

Karen Ng

VP Marketing

Passionate Executive Assistant with 7 years of experience in marketing, event planning & business administration.

Jun Hon

VP Human Resource

Experienced Executive Assistant with more than 8 years in the profession, detail-oriented and meticulous in completion of assignments.

Tiffenny Seah

VP Operations

Energetic and dynamic PA with more than 10 years of experience working for a high-level executive in the corporate industry.