We are a consulting firm in Singapore specialising in business consulting, coaching, influencer marketing and events management. We are a one-stop solution for business development and marketing needs.

RL Consultancy has the skills and expertise to help clients at all stages of the business cycle. We can help from planning and creating strategic direction all the way to implementation of marketing and business growth strategies to level up their businesses. We maximise all channels of opportunity available, utilizing our network of over 50 trusted partners, to customize business solutions most suited to our client’s needs and goals.

We also provide interactive platforms for our clients and partners to exchange ideas and industry knowledge through our hosted events.

We are passionate about what we do and take pride in our work. Our team is made up of experts from the fields of business, marketing, creatives and tech, all working together to provide products and services with one goal in mind—our clients’ growth and success.

Our Values

RL Consultancy is guided by 3 pillars we uphold with everything we do:



To be real and genuine in sharing our passion and ideas while still being open and willing to engage in alternative viewpoints; always actively listening to our client’s needs.



To work with love and caring towards what is best for our clients as we partner with them to define what success is and help them reach their goals and objectives.



To build a thriving community by bringing values and growth to our clients and partners

Success Stories

“I greatly appreciate Raymond, my great coach and mentor”

I am very blessed to know Raymond after he was invited to our agency as a guest speaker on 14 Nov 2019.
He is passionate about what he does, positive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and respectful.
He is empathetic, genuinely care for me with a desire to see me improve.
He gives me clear direction and motivates me to work towards achieving my recruitment goals.
He is so willing to share his skills, knowledge, and expertise. He offers support and assists me to implement changes, using open & supportive communication to collaboratively solving my problem faced to achieve my desired goals.

Catherine Wong

“Raymond’s coaching session is one of a kind! “

He design the session to be tailored made to your current situation by analyzing what would be the best appropriate method to approach the problems.

More often than not, instead of expecting the direct advise from him, he will probe you through his experiential questioning techniques and eventually you may figure out the solutions to your own problems!

This entire thinking process will groom you to the next level of navigating the challenges you may face in the future

Wilfred Tay

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